Monday, October 21, 2013


The puppies are loving playtime in the gorgeous fall weather we are having here.  I have to admit that I spend as much time as I can outside on days like today and it's even more enjoyable with 6 week old puppies to play with.  I love this puppy stage because they are running, playing, chewing, and exploring.  They are getting some beginning training from me but are still learning a lot from their mom.  She lets them know what is acceptable and keeps a close eye on them.  She is still nursing them a couple of times a day but that will probably be done by the end of the week because they have new little SHARP TEETH. Ouch! They have been eating softened puppy food for a while now but they tried out some dry puppy food today and just loved it.  I think it feels good on their gums.  We have more videos to share with you as soon as I can stay inside on my laptop long enough to get them edited and uploaded!

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  1. Roxy loved watching the puppies play! :) They're so cute!!