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My name is Tina Fox.  I really enjoy being a home based breeder of Australian Labradoodles.  It is pure joy to have puppies around and we spend all of our free time playing with them, training them, and just laughing at all of the funny things they do.  I live with my husband and 2 boys in the small community of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  We are about three and a half hours from Salt Lake City.

Thanks for your interest in our puppies.  I would love to hear from you!  Please give me a call at 208-241-3523 or email me at


  1. We are looking for a new puppy we have been dogless for a little over a year our last two dogs(pugs) lived up to 14/16 years and were our special babies.We would be interested in a labradoodle in the small category for ease of travel . We have always had a dog with us during our 40 yrs of marriage some big(labs,pointers and pugs)and really are now looking for a non shedding breed.We live up in coeur d'alene Idaho.Please if you have any info on some smaller labradoodles please keep us in mind thanks Scott

  2. Hi Scott,
    We have puppies available right now and would be happy to accept an application. Sounds like you would provide a happy home for one of our little boys, 4Runner and Highlander. They are small mediums (25-30 lbs and 17-20" to the shoulder). Or feel free to give me a call at (208)241-3523 or email at

  3. Hi Tina-
    My name is Janelle Alexander and I live in the Boise area with my husband and 3 boys ages 8, 11 and 13. We lost our precious lab to old age 2 years ago, and are looking for a puppy to bring into our loving family. One of our boys has allergies and so are very excited to bring a labradoodle home. I'd love to learn more about what you may have available (perhaps by Christmas or soon after?)

  4. HI Tina,
    Are there any puppies left from the June litter?