New Puppy Checklist

I know that waiting for your new puppy is hard but rest assured that they are with their mom during these crucial weeks learning from her.  While you are waiting for the big arrival, here are few things you may want to get to be prepared.  

1. Name tag with your dog's name and your contact information. 
2. Large dog crate, if you plan on using one.  You may need to make sure you have a fenced in area with no hole the puppy can wiggle through.  
3. Doggie bed.  Puppies love to snuggle into the groove of the ones with bolsters.  
4. Food...I use Tast of the Wild Puppy Formula.  Start with a 15-20 lb bag.  Feed your puppy 3 times per day to and moisten it with water to soften it up if your puppy is having trouble eating it dry.
5. Bowls.  Metal or ceramic work best and are easy to clean, even in the dishwasher.  Try to find one that is flat on the bottom and won't tip easily.
6. Chew stop.  Spray it on everything that is at puppy eye level, chair legs, electrical cords, furniture.  This will deter your puppy from those areas, hopefully!  
7. Toys.  Buy a few and rotate them.  Puppies will get bored if you have too many out at a time.  You may find some that they seem to really love. 
8.  Good Reading.  "Dog Training for Dummies"  "The Dog Listener" By Jan Fennell  "How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves" By Sophia Yin, DVM
9. Training treats.  I like puppy pepperoni because it's chewy and easy to break into small pieces.  Cheese or hotdogs broken up in a baggie works too.  
10. Poochie Bells.  If you decide to train your puppy to ring a bell to go potty.
11. Brush.

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