Monday, October 21, 2013

6 weeks

I am working with the pups on crate training this week.  This is an important part of getting them ready to transition to their new homes.  I put each pup by themselves in a "crate" which is really just a laundry basket lined with papers or old towels.  I have only 2 or three pups out at a time so I can keep a close eye on them so they are not even having accidents in their far. This is very time consuming but well worth it in the end.  They are much more calm and ready to sleep through the night when they go home.  
I have also been working on training them to go in a "potty box" and keep their bed clean.  They are doing extremely well and they often run over to their potty box when they are outside playing.  I will continue to work on this until they are all sleeping through the night without accidents or too much crying.  
Banner is doing so well all by himself!  He even took a nap and cried when he woke up because he had to go potty.  When I took him outside, he peed right away.  What an amazing pup!

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