What are Australian Labradoodles?

I know that there are a lot of choices when looking for a labradoodle these days so thank you for considering Taylor Mountain Labradoodles! Getting a puppy is a big decision that can be a little confusing. What are all of the different kinds of labradoodles? F1B? Australian? Multi-gen? It certainly was a little overwhelming to me when I began my research over 5 years ago. The most informative website for me was the Australian Labradoodle Club of America. Here you can find explanation of all of the terms and why the ALCA breeder members are top of the line Labradoodles.

We have since been extremely grateful that we went to the extra hassle and expense of purchasing a true ALCA registered Australian Labradoodle and continue to be committed to improving the breed. My goal is that our puppies are truly hypo-allergenic and have service/therapy quality temperament. An ALCA registered Australian Labradoodle is the best way to ensure that the parent's health testing has been done and that they have a long line of shed-free coats. The ALCA has already done all of the verification for you and greatly simplifies the research process.

Feel free to call anytime with questions about our ALCA registered labradoodles at 201-241-3523 or email at taylormountainlabradoodles@gmail.com

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