Guardian Program

We are once again looking for a suitable guardian for one of our puppies.  

Being a guardian for a female puppy means that she would be in your home forever but Taylor Mountain would retain the breeding rights.  This means that the puppy will be your family pet and will stay with you.  TM pays for all of the health testing relating to breeding and all breeding expenses.  We can work out the logistics when it gets close to breeding time but she would stay with her family during her pregnancy and stay here with us at TM for delivery and whelping of the puppies which is typically 6-8 weeks.  Then she would return home to her guardian family. She can have as few as 2 litters or as many as 4, depending on her family and health. Once she is finished breeding, TM will pay for her to be spayed.

There are many advantages to being a guardian family.  First, anytime you leave town I would be happy to puppysit for you while you are gone. Second, it is a much less expensive way for you to have a true Australian Labradoodle that is the pick of the litter.  The price of being a guardian family for our sweet Betsy is the standard pet price and that will be recouped once she has completed her breeding obligations. 

If you live within 50 miles or so of Idaho Falls and are interested in being a guardian for one of our puppies, please call to have an application sent to you.


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  1. next time please don't forget about us… Your new puppies are so cute!