Friday, April 18, 2014

Beauty and Dexter Litter

Our new puppies are finally here!  We have been so excited for this litter and they certainly have not disappointed us.  These puppies have the most adorable markings that we have ever seen!  We expect these pups to be smart and eager to please just like their mom and dad.  They are certainly going to be spoiled around here by my family and have already had lots of hugs from my sometimes over eager 5 year old son.  We love having puppies at our house and it's even more fun when the weather is nice out and we can socialize the pups in the backyard.  These pups will be doggy door trained, just like all of the pups we raise, before they go home at 9 weeks.  

Naming the puppies is one of my favorite things to do after the pups are born.  It's fun to get to know their personalities and match up names for them.  Of course my 5 year old already has all of the pups named but we'll post their names as soon as the rest of the family can agree.  So far, "Mr. Funny" is on the list.  
Cream with white girl

"Mr. Funny"
Chocolate thin white stripe boy

Chocolate white nose girl

Chocolate white stripe girl

Chocolate solid girl

Chocolate white stripe boy

Cream with white boy

Cream solid boy

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