Wednesday, May 15, 2013


UPDATE: Wilson has now been sold but please contact us for info on our new litter.    
  Our sweet Wilson has been with our family since he was born January 5th 2013.  We absolutely adore this little guy! He is crate trained, leash trained, and he can sit and stay.  He has never had an accident in our house and goes potty outside in his potty spot on command.  Even if he doesn't need to go, he will try (now if I could get my kids to do that :)  
    His coat is the wonderful loose wavy fleece that is easy to maintain and hypoallergenic.  My kids, who are very allergic to dogs, have no reactions from cuddling with him.  He will be about 30-35 lbs full grown. He is microchipped and up to date on his shots.  


  1. I wish I could buy him! I am so in love with these dogs!!! Before Zoe I'd never heard of them. :) I'm hooked!!

  2. I am still in love with this guy. If only my husband would let us have 3 dogs....I think we're still waiting on a puppy from the next litter.