Tuesday, March 12, 2013

9 weeks old and ready to go home!

Sebastian (left) Evan (Big Dude in the middle) and Bruno (right).  These two cute pups have been SOLD.

Sebastian is very mellow and will be about slightly smaller at 18-25lbs.  He is now  SOLD.

Bruno is the big guy in the back.  He is one of our largest puppies from this litter.  Sebastian is in the front.  They are both SOLD.

Sebastian (left) Bruno (right)  These puppies are both SOLD.  

Wilson always strikes a perfect pose the first time.  He is dark chocolate with a white beard and chest.  He has a very outgoing personality and is comfortable wherever he is at.  He is our last puppy available from this litter. 

I couldn't resist adding this picture of Jasper even though he is sold.  I think he enjoyed his playtime in the mud and was ready to relax!


  1. I think I'll take Evan. :) I'll bring Evan home with me.

  2. Rachel, Evan is a pretty cute little guy but he cries in the night too!

  3. I love Wilson. I'm going to talk to my husband tomorrow, to see if we could get him. Is he fiesty?

    1. Wilson has a very outgoing personality and is comfortable anywhere he goes and with anyone he meets. He is not the top dog of the litter nor is he at the bottom of the pack so he is easy to train. He is very attentive to me and pays attention to everything I do. I love how he puts his head under my chin to give me a hug. He certainly is a sweet boy that loves to cuddle but he will be best suited to an active life with kids and exercise.