Monday, July 16, 2012

These puppies are loving the warm weather and playing in the backyard with our two boys.  They are learning to get through the night in their crate without any accidents.  That means at 5 am I'm up letting them out to go potty and give them a little drink.  Then at 8 am I give them breakfast which is soggy puppy food because their teeth are not all in yet.  They play outside for the morning with my kids and then they nap.  At 1 pm we check their water to make sure it hasn't spilled and let them inside for some time in our laps while we all take a break.  There's nothing better than sitting down in the afternoon with a puppy in your lap!  Then they go into their crates for a little "alone" time.  Usually around 5 pm, we eat our dinner on the patio with the puppies out playing and they get their dinner too.  At about 11 pm, I put them into their crate with a little water and they mostly sleep through the night.  It's been a wonderful summer with puppies around.  They are really dear to our hearts and we'll be sad to see them go.

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