Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More pictures of Fletcher


Fletcher and Beauty are expecting puppies around Christmas time.  Their puppies will be ready to go to their new homes the first week in March.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Beauty and Fletcher are in LOVE!
These two love birds are expecting a litter of doodle puppies around Christmas time!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We have 1 puppy available!

Sorry, this little guy is now sold.   To see the puppies we have available, click HERE
We are just so please with Brad's personality.  He is a fast learner and has been so fun to train.  He is very good with little kids.  He can walk on a leash, sit, stay, and is kennel trained.  He just loves to roll over and have his belly scratched.  We have been looking for the perfect family for this little guy.  Brad would love an active family who will take him for walks but who also enjoy some quiet time.  He also loves to cuddle on your lap to take a nap or snooze under the table (like he's doing right now as I type this).  We will miss him but it's time for him to bond with his new family.

All of our puppies are ALCA registered.  Brad will grow up to be about 24 lbs and 18" tall at the shoulder with wavy fleece coat that will be shed-free and hypo-allergenic. Give me a call at 208-241-3523 or send an email to to reserve your puppy.  We will be having another litter in spring of 2013.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just "hanging out" reading to a puppy

Mom, "Evan, what ya doin?"
Evan, "Hanging out reading to Owen"

Owen is 10 weeks old and just adorable.  He learned to sit in one session and is so sweet.  He lets Evan carry him around all over and comes running to him whenever he calls his name.  He has learned to wait at the door to be invited inside, walk on a leash, sit, and just be cute.  He is dearly loved by our family but needs a forever home. Sorry, this little guy is sold.  We will be having another litter available the first week in March 2013.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

8 Weeks

Sorry, these puppies have all been purchased.  Check back with us soon because we will have puppies the third week in February 2013!
We have 2 cream boys available to go home (Brad, and Owen).  They have been neutered, microchipped and have 6 week and 8 week vaccinations done.  I just love these boys.  They are very calm and attentive.  They are being leash trained and crate trained right now so when they go home it will be an easier transition. We also have 1 chocolate girl available (Julia).  She is spayed, microchipped and has had 6 week and 8 week vaccinations done.  She is sleeping through the night in her crate with out accidents and is learning to walk on a leash!  I just adore this smart little girl.  All of these puppies will grow up to be about 24 lbs and 18" tall at the shoulder with wavy fleece coats that will be shed-free and hypo-allergenic.  Give me a call at 208-241-3523 to reserve your puppy before they are gone.  We will be having another litter in 2013.

Brad (Available)

Brad (Available)

Brad (Available)

Julia (Available)

Owen (Available)

Owen (Available)


Monday, July 16, 2012

These puppies are loving the warm weather and playing in the backyard with our two boys.  They are learning to get through the night in their crate without any accidents.  That means at 5 am I'm up letting them out to go potty and give them a little drink.  Then at 8 am I give them breakfast which is soggy puppy food because their teeth are not all in yet.  They play outside for the morning with my kids and then they nap.  At 1 pm we check their water to make sure it hasn't spilled and let them inside for some time in our laps while we all take a break.  There's nothing better than sitting down in the afternoon with a puppy in your lap!  Then they go into their crates for a little "alone" time.  Usually around 5 pm, we eat our dinner on the patio with the puppies out playing and they get their dinner too.  At about 11 pm, I put them into their crate with a little water and they mostly sleep through the night.  It's been a wonderful summer with puppies around.  They are really dear to our hearts and we'll be sad to see them go.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Puppies are great THERAPY!

Mike just came home from knee surgery and the worst part for him (besides the pain, of course) is the BOREDOM!   This is the guy who built the patio area he is sitting at (including the table) himself.  Doing nothing is TORTURE! The puppies really do make us all feel better. They are so much fun to watch exploring all of the new sights and sounds.  They play play play and then sleep sleep sleep!  The puppy on his lap is Jennifer.  She is sold but her cream brothers are still available.  Sorry, these cream boys are sold.

Friday, July 6, 2012

5 weeks

The puppies have so much fun exploring in our backyard!  Life couldn't be better!  Hurry and reserve your puppy today before they are all sold! We have 6 from this litter still available. Sorry, these puppies from our May 29th 2012 litter are all sold.  Please contact us about our litter that will be ready to go home the third week in February 2013. 
Angelina (SOLD)

Brad (Available)

Eva (SOLD)

Jennifer (SOLD)

Jude (SOLD)

Julia (Available)

Luke (Sold)

Megan (SOLD)

Owen (Available)

Monday, June 18, 2012

3 Weeks

Now that the puppies are 3 weeks old, they all have their eyes open (although a couple of sleepy puppies couldn't keep them open for their photos).  Some of the puppies are even pooping and peeing on the newspaper side of their box and keeping their sleeping towels clean!  These good little pups are on track for crate training and eventually house training.
Brad is cream all over. Sold

Eva is a chocolate girl. Sold

Jennifer is our only cream girl. Sold

Jude is the lightest cream boy. Sold

Julia is a chocolate girl. Sold

Luke is the only chocolate boy.  He is the largest of the litter.Sold

Angelina is chocolate with a white "butterfly" on her chest. Sold

Owen is a cream boy with pink pads on his back two feet.Sold

Megan is chocolate with a white beard and chest. Sold

Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 1 Pictures

These adorable puppies are now just over 1 week old.  We can tell all of the puppies apart now that we have had a chance to get to know them.  We just love to sit and watch them grow!  Beauty is a great mom and is feeling really good.
Brad Sold

Eva Sold

Jennifer Sold

Jude Sold

Julia Sold

Luke Sold

Owen Sold

Angelina Sold

Megan Sold

Friday, June 1, 2012


Boy Blue Dot "Owen" Sold

Boy  Lightest Cream "Jude" Sold

Boy "Brad" Sold

Boy "Luke" Sold

Girl "Eva" Sold

Girl "Jennifer" Sold

Girl "Julia" Sold

Girl "Angelina" Sold

Girl "Megan" Sold